Are you planning a New Swimming Pool

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Are you planning a New Swimming Pool


At POOL CERTIFY we frequently receive enquiries from homeowners who are planning to build a new swimming pool.   In NSW home owners are required to lodge a DA for the construction of a new pool and as such would need to engage a Principal Certifying Authority.  That role must be filled by an experienced A1 or A2 Building Inspector or your local Council representative.

However there are circumstances where our E1 Inspector can assist as his area of expertise is the fencing.   So if your PCA is unsure about how to best fence your planned pool, he may well refer you to an E1 inspector.   Our Certifier will be happy to come out and discuss options with you that will result in the construction of a compliant fence.  Of course your PCA will issue

the Occupation Certificate once you have compliance for the fencing.   You will then be able to fill the pool with water.   So reach out to POOL CERTIFY for compliance for your new pool fencing.

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