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Fully Accredited E1 Category Certifiers

Are you seeking a certified pool inspector? Not sure how to proceed with the new legal adaptations to the 1992 swimming pool act? If you are struggling to keep up, Pool Certify will help you get back on the right track and make life easier. Commitment to our cause is what sets us apart as the leading pool inspectors in NSW. We check and examine every small detail prior to administering our compliance certificate to make you rest assured that your pool and or spa complex is safe for use. Our certified pool inspector will explain our detailed reports to ensure you comprehend it all. Our care and dedication towards our clients are unparalleled.

We are a devoted, certified pool inspector team and provide clients with leading pool inspection services that are equitably priced from accredited swimming pool certifiers with E1 certifications. Here at Pool Certify, we work effortlessly to ensure each gate, fence, surrounding objects and area is accurately assessed to ensure you feel safe and are covered by the new pool laws in NSW. This stabilises and propels our reputation and elevates us as the leading swimming pool inspections NSW company. Constantly updating and altering our inspections services to suit the new legislative changes and continuously adapting our procedures is what sets us apart from alternative pool inspection companies in Australia.

POOL CERTIFY are accredited certifiers of Swimming Pool Barriers

Professionalism, cooperation and knowledge are key factors and traits that are displayed by Pool Certify. If you are on the lookout for a certified pool inspector that is knowledgeable and efficient, look no further and give Pool Certify a call. You will liaise with a friendly member of staff and kick-start your pool certification journey with ease. 

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