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Equipotential Earth Bonding

Earth Bonding is mandatory AS/NZS3000:2018

When planning a new pool area or making changes to the placement of your existing pool fencing, most people are aware of maintaining minimum pool fence heights for example. Some pool owners are aware that Compliance is required if you are selling or leasing the property, or are a foster carer for example. However it is not as commonly known that a pool fence must also meet electrical guidelines.

In instances where your pool fence is within 1.25m of the pool edge your fence must be earthed to prevent the risk of electrocution. Basically if there is an electrical current within the pool water and a person in the water touches a metal fitting then this can cause death or serious injury. This requirement means a earth wire must be run between spigots (underground) and then to an earthing point, usually on the house.

It is a requirement under AS3000:2018 that Equipotential Bonding (earth bonding) is required to pool fencing when the fence is within arm’s reach (1.250m) of the pool edge. This applies to any metal component including metal spigots.  It also applies to the electricals of  your pool equipment where they are attached to metal fencing or are less than 1250mm from the pool edge. It applies to extension cords that you may have used to operate your pool filtration equipment.

  • Aluminium fencing must maintain continuity throughout the length of the fence within arm’s reach.
  • Glass fencing that has metallic fittings greater than 100mm must also be bonded including metal posts within arm’s reach.
  • Alternatively, consider using CFG spigots which have been tested to 1000 volts and are non-conductive. This is a patented Australian invention.
  • Please ensure that the correct earthing on metal components of your glass or aluminium fencing is done by a qualified electrical contractor.
  • Ask your licensed electrician to issue you with a Compliance Certificate to confirm that the works have been carried  out and forward to your Pool Certifier.


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