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Maintenance - Expect the Unexpected

Are vines and overgrown vegetation hiding problems in your fencing

Maintenance – Expect the Unexpected

When your Boundary Fence forms a part of the pool enclosure, your Inspector is going to need access to the fence in order to measure its height, check its condition and check for gaps.  If your fencing looks like this, then an inspection cannot be conducted.  You will likely be asked to remove the vines for any follow up inspection, however a word of warning – if you delay removing the vines whilst you attend to other issues within the enclosure, you could be setting yourself up for more work.  Vines hide all sorts of issues. Vegetation cannot form your fencing, and vines create climbable points.


If asked to remove vines and dense coverage of vegetation, don’t leave it to the last minute.

  • Vines hide all sorts of issues including loose, broken or missing palings
  • Your fencing must be inspected to determine compliance.
  • Vines obscure gaps and broken components
  • Vines obscure horizontal railings that are less than 900mm apart
  • Vines obscure more serious issues such as collapsed retaining walls

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