Our Point of Difference – Detailed Information

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Our Point of Difference – Detailed Information

Why do we at POOL CERTIFY claim that our written Reports are praised by authorities and clients alike?

Because we have been told by both authorities and clients that our Reports are packed full of essential information so that our clients can actually use their Report as a Scope of Works for their tradesman to use to carry out rectification works and that even a lay-person can understand what is required to achieve a compliant pool barrier.

For many, rectifying your pool barriers can be confusing and quite daunting.  At POOL CERTIFY, we aim to do our best to ensure that pool owners are clear about what works are required to achieve a compliant pool barrier.  We include graphics to show you exactly where and how changes are to be made.  We demonstrate visually exactly where a new pool barrier must be placed to be in a compliant location.  We then take it one step further and imagine ourselves in your shoes – a lay person with a series of tasks to complete that if not done correctly, can result in wasted time and money.  So we pre-empt mistakes you might make and warn you of these.  We have created an Addendum specifically for your situation so that you can see where you might go wrong if not informed, and how to ensure you get it right first time.

But just telling you that is not convincing you?  No problem, we can demonstrate!

Here is a 29 page Report we recently prepared for a client.  This client’s pool enclosure had already been inspected by another Certifier. However their 4 page Report contained no photos at all, no graphics, no do’s and don’t and no clarity.  The client simply could not comply with the instructions in the Report because they had no idea exactly what part of the pool enclosure the issues applied to.  The Certifier visited when no one was home and so that client did not receive any one-on-one meeting, instruction or advice on what exactly the problems were nor how to fix them.  Our client came to us in desperation, given that they had a limited time to comply with the works.

If the way we do things appeals to your sensibility, have your pool barriers inspected by POOL CERTIFY.

Still not sure?   We are always contactable to ask questions about your Report.  Our Certifier wants you to get it right first time, so we take the time to provide all clients with after-inspection service, 6 days a week, 8.30am – 6.00pm

Our Detailed Report

Same property another Certifier

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    Thanks David for all the on site assistance you gave me so that we could keep our trees and shrubs! We really appreciate all the help to get things right and ready for sale.

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