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Pool compliance is often an over looked area within homes and residential structures that contain pools, spas or mini pools that could lead to hefty fines and dire circumstances under the Act and the new and improved and Swimming Pools Regulation 2018. Many residents are not aware that specific distances from the pool have to be observed, as well as objects in the close vicinity to the fencing. All these miniscule changes must be made to ensure we can provide you with a pool certification certificate. Pool compliance NSW is a vigorous inspection procedure made easy by our E1 certified inspectors.

Extensive experience in the field, in conjunction with easy to comprehend reports, Pool Certify go above and beyond for all our clients. We offer after-inspection care to all our clients so that any queries are answered before you embark on the rectification works.

To be more specific, key features of a pool compliance nsw boundary fence are as listed:
  • Fence height of 1.8m as a minimum
  • No objects or structures within NCZ 5 (900mm radius)
  • No objects or structures within the 500mm clear zone
  • No ledges of more than 10mm within wither the top or bottom 900mm of the barrier

As you can see, these are just a hint of the pool compliance nsw regulations and here at Pool Certify we ensure you are well aware of all the potential adaptations you need to make.

POOL CERTIFY are accredited certifiers of Swimming Pool Barriers

At Pool Certify, we understand that not everyone speaks in a law driven language, that is why we explain everything in detail making sure you understand the process of pool compliance nsw, as it is one of the most important decisions you need to make for your swimming pool! If you are searching for a trusted and efficient pool compliance nsw team, contact us today to obtain your quote evaluation.

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