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Smart Tips for Swimming Pool Gate Certification

Do you own a swimming pool? But don’t have any idea if the pool gate is up to the standard? Want to get your swimming pool certified? Here are a few tips to help you:

1. First of all, your pool gates should be hung in a way that they can open outwards – away from the pool area. We are still seeing inward swinging gates.

You may have little room or a set of stairs leading down to your pool gate. In these circumstances, you should rethink the layout of pool gates.

2. Your pool gate must be a single gate – double pool gates are not suitable as an entry gate into your pool enclosure.

3. Your pool gate should be kept in such a way that the arc of operation is clear of any obstruction including a doorway or building. The gate must have sufficient clearance in order to swing effortlessly through the arc of operation.

This means, when a gate swings through its arc of operation, it does not hit, bump, or scrap the ground or any object in its way. In addition, you should have a landing of minimum 750mm, if you’ve stairs outside the gate.

4. Whilst you need sufficient arc of operation, gaps of more than 100mm are not acceptable. Check below your gate – if the clearance below the gate and the ground level is more than 100mm, you will need to adjust the positioning of the gate to eliminate any excessive gap.

5. Your gate’s hinges must not create an opening of more than 10mm between the gate post and the gate stile.

If they do, you may need to change your hinges to a design that is compliant.

6. Your gate should close automatically from any position. A swimming pool gate should self-close and self-latch automatically from any position in any weather conditions.

Even if it’s held 10mm away from closing onto latch or completely extended and held, the pool gate must close automatically. More often, the hinge springs wear out from heavy use or rust. They are required to be replaced or re-tensioned. Don’t allow your children to swing on an open gate as this will cause damage.  Your gate posts must be stable, upright and do the job of supporting your gate.

7. Please be aware that pool users should never prop their gates open. Do not install hooks or ropes for this purpose and do not leave a pot plant or a rock near your gate for that purpose. Not only is propping your Gate very dangerous and defeats the purpose of having a fence, it is also illegal in Sydney.

Final Consideration –

A swimming pool in your home can offer you delight and wonderful memories that will last well beyond the summer months. You should make sure that the swimming pool regulations are met to enjoy your swimming pool all year-round.

If you want to keep your swimming pool enclosure up-to-date standard, you should consider help from Professional Pool Certifiers at Pool Certify. Our Pool Certifiers in Sydney can help you make sure that your pool is fully certified.

In fact, the New South Wales state government has strict guidelines for Swimming Pool Certification that you must stick to if you are a pool owner. We have industry-best accredited and experienced Pool Certifiers who know the necessary guidelines to help you.

So instead of going through checklists and guidelines, contact  Pool Certifiers in Sydney at Pool Certify right now. We are here to answer your questions and help you get your Pool Certification without any hassle.

Do you need more advice on swimming pool gate certification? Stay tuned to Pool Certify’s Facebook socials page. Don’t hesitate to share your valuable comments and suggestions in the comment section below!!

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