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Will your Spa Pool pass the lift test?

Spa Pools

Children are attracted to water and what is more enticing that the family spa pool!  In NSW outdoor spa pools must be made child safe.
This can be achieved with a pool fence or a compliant child resistant lockable lid.
If your spa relies on a lid for safety our Certifier will check the spa straps for missing and broken components.
Make sure your have your key stored 1500mm away and have the lid locked for the inspection.
Whether the straps came with the lid, or additional locking devices are required to be attached, the lift test will be applied. The maximum permissible gap is 100mm.
So check the condition of the straps and locking devices as well as the lid itself.
Then fix any broken locks on your spa cover and conduct your own lift test.
Ensure the straps ( you could need two or more for each side) are all tensioned and locking devices engaged.
Or you could go for two 4 metre long straps for  a spa like the size of the one shown here.
With a longer strap design, there are less locking devices to lock and unlock and  the temptation to leave straps unlocked is reduced.
Oh and don’t forget to install an approved CPR sign in the vicinity of the spa pool.





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6 Responses

  1. Deb

    This is such a good website. The info is clear and very helpful.
    Could you point me to the definition of a spa pool in the legislation? We are looking to put in a 5000L spa pool that comes with a hard surface lockable lid. We are trying to find out if this would still require a pool fence.

    1. The Legislation is the Swimming Pools Act 1992 Section 20.
      and the regulations thereunder, which is now the Swimming Pools Regulation 2018 Part 2 Clause 9.
      However, the definition of a spa pool is important.
      A spa pool is a pool that has seats and jets. A swimming pool is designed for swimming.
      A swim-spa allows swimming. Your Council may required your Swim Spa to be fenced as it may not meet the criteria for a Section 20 Exemption.
      When you lodge your CDC/DA you will find out what is permitted in your Council LGA.

  2. Darren

    Just wanted to say the long straps are a great idea and with only two locking devices to deal with, saves me lots of time and reduces the tendency to leave the spa unlocked! They were also very easy to install, thanks David

    1. Great to hear. This design of strap is proving very popular. The locking device is substantial and its a real key – not a tiny plastic one that can be easily manipulated to pop open. After all, it’s all about pool safety for your youngsters.

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