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Fully Accredited E1 Category Certifiers

Swimming Pool inspections have been on the rise due to the new legislative changes that occurred in 2013. Here at Pool Certify, we always keep up to date and ensure our clients are well aware that all residential pools and or spas need to be registered, inspected and approved prior to use. Situated in NSW our team of professional and accredited pool certifiers will examine and inspect gates, doors, barriers and other surrounding structures and provide you with a pool compliance certificate that will be compliant with the current laws regarding pools and spas established in 2013. When the phrase “Swimming pool compliance certificate nsw” is mentioned, Pool Certify should be your first thought. Exceptional inspection services to ensure you don’t encounter any further problems with any pool or spa setups.

Here at Pool Certify, we offer clients a Certificate of Compliance, which gives you peace of mind knowing your family is protected. Swimming pools and spas are made for fun & enjoyment but remember, safety must always come first. Pool inspections play a pivotal role in ensuring safety and compliance.

Our main services in regard to pool certification and pool inspection Sydney are as listed:
  • Premium Service – Walk through included – Pool Barrier Inspection & Superior Report
  • Pre-& After Purchase Pool Barrier Inspection with walk-through & Superior Report
  • Basic Service – Pool Barrier Inspection & Written Report
  • Pool Re-Inspections Sydney
  • Swimming pool compliance certificate NSW if all is perfect

POOL CERTIFY are accredited certifiers of Swimming Pool Barriers

Perseverance, reliability and efficiency are the main pylons we are proud of here at Pool Certify. We know the regulations inside out and can rapidly alert you to any potential issues that may affect your pool’s compliance with the new regulations and advise you on rectification works. You will receive a tailored action plan so you will know exactly what needs to be done to achieve compliance. To kick start your acquisition of a swimming pool compliance certificate NSW, contact us today.

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