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Fully Accredited E1 Category Certifiers

Do you own a swimming pool within your residence? Do you require a swimming pool compliance certificate as a home owner, building manager or a real estate agent? Are you unaware of the new rules and regulations regarding swimming pools and spas? Look no further than Pool Certify. Situated in NSW our team of exceptional and accredited pool certifiers will examine and inspect gates, doors, barriers and other surrounding structures and provide you with a pool compliance certificate that will be compliant with the current laws regarding pools and spas established in 2013. Swimming pool inspections nsw is our passion and we are here to deliver!

When the phrase “swimming pool inspections nsw” is mentioned, your mind should ultimately pinpoint to the professionals here at Pool Certify. Pool Certify administers state of the art swimming pool inspections nsw and not only. Our wide range of detection and investigation services surpasses competition and our client’s expectations, always ensuring crucial pool inspections to ensure you are fully covered and assured, with the pool compliance certificate nsw stamp of approval. With extensive experience in such an upcoming industry it is vital we solidify our excellence and prove why we are the leading pool compliance company in NSW.

POOL CERTIFY are accredited certifiers of Swimming Pool Barriers

Our exquisite team of pool inspectors and certifiers are passionate and recognise the importance of safety for all family members in and around swimming pools and spas, hence why our comprehensive reports will explain every small detail. We comprehend the difficulties and major responsibility of protecting your family, visitors and friends around the pool can be worrisome. Hence why we aim to increase awareness of the issues that result in an insecure pool enclosure. Upon our thorough inspection you will be awarded with a pool compliance certificate that ensures your pool is good to go! Contact us, for further information if you are interested in swimming pool inspections nsw.

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