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Fully Accredited E1 Category Certifiers

Alleviate the stress and chaos an uncertified swimming pool or spa brings to the table! By offering state of the art swimming pool inspections nsw, Pool Certify are the go-to company that will inspect your swimming pool orientation to suit the new legal policies established in 2016, as well as surpassing your expectations. We comprehend the severity of swimming pool and spa incidents that can occur at home and we aim to put a stop to it by inspecting your pool’s orientation; from gate heights, fences all the way to adjacent objects. This meticulous checklist has been designed with E1 certified inspectors and ensures full safety.  

Our main services in regards to swimming pool inspections nsw are as listed:
  • Premium Service – Walk through included – Pool Barrier Inspection & Superior Report
  • Pre-& After Purchase Pool Barrier Inspection with walk-through & Superior Report
  • Basic Service – Pool Barrier Inspection & Written Report
  • Re-Inspections

POOL CERTIFY are accredited certifiers of Swimming Pool Barriers

Swimming pool inspections are pivotal even when selling or buying a home. Most swimming pool and or spa owners want to know that their pool enclosure is compliant. If you are selling or leasing out your home with a pool or spa, you will need a qualified and accredited certifier to carry out an inspection of the pool enclosure so that a certificate of compliance can be issued to you for inclusion in your Sales or Lease contract. This is where Pool Certify comes to play and ensures a smooth transition for you to obtain your certification of compliance.

By preparing your swimming pool and spa to suit regulations and applying state of the art reporting models for your comprehension, Pool Certify are your choice when it comes to swimming pool inspections nsw. Forget and fix all your swimming pool problems with just a simple phone call to our enthusiastic team! Effective, efficient and outstanding is what defines Pool Certify from competition. We administer exceptional swimming pool inspections nsw services all at equitable pricing.

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