The Problem With Sheds

Is your Shed causing problems with Compliance?

The Problem with Sheds

One of the most common non-compliances with older pool enclosures relates to the Garden Shed.

  • Is the Shed positioned to form a part of the pool barrier.
    • If so, how is access gained into the Shed?
    • If so, does the Shed meet the requirements to act as a barrier?
  • Is the Shed fully outside the pool enclosure.
    • If so, is it outside the Non Climbable Zones of the pool barrier?
    • If not, can it be moved?
  • Is the Shed fully within the pool enclosure.
    • If so, what is the Shed used for? What is inside it?
    • If within the enclosure, is the Shed situated in a Non Climbable Zone?
    • If so, is the Shed itself a scalable object or can it form a part of the barrier?
    • If so, is the Shed constructed to the correct height to form a part of the barrier?
  • Does the Shed house the pool filtration equipment and nothing else
    • If so, is the Shed constructed to the correct height?
    • If so, is the Shed itself a scalable object?
    • If so, can the Shed be altered or changed to make it compliant?

The outcome for each of these Sheds was a failure to comply.  Household objects cannot be stored in a Shed that is only accessible from within the pool enclosure. Facilities such as shower, hand-basin and toilet are a part of the Residence, resulting in inadequate separation of the Residence from the pool.  Other Sheds were either too low, scalable or in a Non-Climbable Zone.























So reach out to our Pool Compliance Inspector at Pool Certify

The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only. While we strive to offer accurate and up-to-date content, it is not intended to replace professional advice. The publisher of this article cannot be held liable for the creation of any new non-compliances, a failure to comply issued by this or any other inspector,  that may have resulted after reading and acting on the general information contained herein, or any damages, injuries, or losses that may result from the application of the information provided where the pool owner has not sought appropriate professional on-site advice prior to taking action.


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3 Responses

  1. Sarah Miller

    Hi there – our poolbox is located on the outside, butting up against the pool barrier and boundary fence, same as the photo dated 25.8.22 above. If we raise the height of the poolbox to 1.8m by replacing it with a flat roof shed will that cause non-compliance because the intersecting width of the internal barrier with a boundary fence will be greater than 50mm?

    1. Hi Sarah, No it wont be non compliant – that is the reason to make the height to match the height of the intersecting boundary fence. With the Shed and the boundary fence at 1.8m minimum NCZ5 is not impacted UNLESS the Boundary Fence is taller than the Shed. NCZ5 is present at the upper 900mm of a boundary fence, no matter how tall it is. So if the Boundary is 2 metres, the Shed must be the same or taller, but no shorter.

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