NCZ4, the 300mm Clear Zone Poolside

What is the 300mm Clear Zone and can objects be located within it

Your Swimming Pool Inspector will assess your Pool Enclosure using one of the three Standards.

  • If your pool enclosure has been assessed under AS1926.1-2012, which is the current standard, a 300mm Clear Zone (also called Non Climbable Zone 4) exists around the perimeter of your pool barriers (poolside).
  • That zone is measured from the top rail and downwards 900mm to the inside of the fence.
  • If there is a horizontal surface that reduces barrier height (poolside) to less than 900mm then that object needs to be moved or resolved.
  • If it is a pot plant, a chair or a storage box, these are easily moved.
  • However some objects are fixed, such as pool filtration equipment, a change in ground level such as a low retaining wall or a dense scalable shrub. In this example a large lattice structure is within the 300mm Clear Zone.  This structure would assist a child to scale the barrier as it has hand-holds throughout.
  • NCZ 4 is not present when the pool barrier is a solid material such as glass or ColorBond metal (unless the object is in front of a gap in the fencing that exceeds 10mm.
  • That means if your pool metal has vertical bars and the object in NCZ4 can’t easily be moved, an option to rectify is to affix a smooth material such as Poly Carbonate or Perspex to the outside face of the barrier to make it solid.

NCZ4, the 300mm Clear Zone


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