Why are Screening Materials Problematic

A screen is not the fence but it can mean your fence is not compliant

Why are screening materials problematic

Pool owners don’t seem to like bare Boundary fencing and want to cover it up. We get it – boundary fences are stark and sometimes ugly.

But what can you cover it with? That’s easy – a smooth material that has sufficient strength and rigidity.

But the kicker is that you still need the boundary fence itself to measure a minimum of 1800mm – attaching a flimsy or scalable screen onto a 1500mm high fence is not the right approach for compliance purposes.

Two problems – failure to comply for fence height and failure to comply for scalable object in the 900mm Non Climbable. Zone. Owners who have installed bamboo should not be surprised to be asked to remove it.

Owners who increase their fence height first then attach a smooth covering will have no problems with compliance.

Example 1 – Boundary fence is 1700mm in height

Example 1 – the screening material cannot form the fence









Example 2 – low fence height and flimsy scalable screen

Example 3 – Actual BF height is 1540mm











Compliant Boundary Fencing to correct height with a smooth sturdy covering that has no climbable points.












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